Filmmaking in Spanish: Community-Based Learning in Action

Filmmaking in Spanish: Community-Based Learning in Action

Bridget Franco, associate professor of Spanish, discusses her innovative class, Filmmaking in Spanish. Through a hands-on approach to the art of filmmaking, students learn how to produce a short documentary film in collaboration with an organization that serves the local Spanish-speaking community.

Throughout the project, students not only learn the artistic and technical terminology employed in Spanish and Latin American film production, they build important relationships with community partners.

“All of Us Strangers” Is a Romantic Fantasy About Filmmaking

“All of Us Strangers” Is a Romantic Fantasy About Filmmaking

In the British director Andrew Haigh’s earlier films—“Weekend” (2011), “45 Years” (2015), and “Lean on Pete” (2017)—the images did much less of the work than the script and the actors. There has been something literal about his filmmaking that undercuts the intense emotion of the stories he films. His new movie, “All of Us Strangers,” is a little different and a lot better. The fact that it’s a kind of ghost story, a drama centered on fantasy, spurs Haigh to shoot in a way that conveys a distinctive, alternate realm of experience. Even if one

Local Filmmakers Screen Documentary at 4 Star Theater – Richmond Review/Sunset Beacon

By Asha Ingram

After decades of historical film he shot sat untouched in his basement, Richmond District resident Rev. Harry Chuck, with the help of his son filmmaker Josh Chuck, who lives in the Sunset District, is finally ready to show it to the world in the new documentary “Chinatown Rising” at the 4 Star Theater.

Harry and Josh’s documentary uses the reverend’s 16mm film and local TV station footage to showcase San Francisco Chinatown’s rich history and journey in overcoming oppression through a rise in activism and sense of community. 

The documentary also includes numerous interviews – including the reverend himself –

Producers’ Nightmare: Navigating Continual Schedule Changes for Artist Call Sheets – TrackTollywood

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The most challenging role in any field and mainly the field of Filmmaking, is production. If the movie does well, nothing better. But if the movie does average numbers or even decent and the worst case, if the film is deemed a flop, then there are losses galore.

Ultimately, the producer bears the burden or the profit. The actors involved or the directors involved are usually pretty safe from the movie’s result.

In that case, when actors and directors are continuously changing their schedules, it is becoming a huge task